SGP4 is one of five simplified perturbation models used to calculate the position of a satellite around our planet. Using SGP4, one is able to calculate various orbital elements of a satellite as well as find out its latitude and longitude which is what I set out to do. Original code for SGP4 was provided in FORTRAN and over the years has been converted to C++ and various other languages. One language I have been using recently is Javascript, specifically NodeJS. NodeJS is a server side implementation of Javascript - a language generally used in web browsers. NodeJS has a library repository called NPM which contains projects created by other people to aid in the creation of your own projects. For example, node-mysql allows you to communicate with MySQL databases in NodeJS. My original goal was to find a way to easily get the coordinates of a satellite but this eventually led to me converting the C SGP4 library into Javascript. In doing so I gained a lot of respect for the people who came up with these equations as the translation process ended up in a library of about 1500 lines of just mathematical equations. I released this library on GitHub as node-sgp4 and it is also available on NPM. An example program is provided to give some insight on how to use the library. Also, I have created a web interface that uses this library over at (a screenshot is below).