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IRIG-B and Arduino

I recently picked up an Arbiter 1093B satellite controlled clock that is purportedly accurate to less than 500ns (5.0e-7 seconds). I didn't want to just rack it and have it sit around collecting dust, as was the case in it's previous home, and started doing some research as to how I could effectivel...

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Track Sats - An SGP4 implementation

After creating my NodeJS module node-sgp4 and using it for a web app I created over at I wanted a way for mobile users to easily and elegantly have access to the same information. My first step was to choose what platform I would like to develop my mobile app on. While many pe...

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SGP4 is pretty neat

SGP4 is one of five simplified perturbation models used to calculate the position of a satellite around our planet. Using SGP4, one is able to calculate various orbital elements of a satellite as well as find out its latitude and longitude which is what I set out to do. Original code for SGP4 was pr...

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